The Carbon Fiber Option – Strength, Durability, Performance – Part One


While the use of carbon fiber in consumer products such as bicycles, skis, tennis rackets and other sporting products has become extremely popular in recent years, carbon fiber has long been the preferred construction material used in the aviation, military and sports car racing fields. Much like a diamond, which embodies the same material, carbon fiber yields extreme stiffness and strength, is extremely corrosion resistant, and most importantly is lightweight. Because carbon fiber is 1/10th the weight of steel and 1/5th the weight of aluminum alloy of the same strength, it is increasingly the alternative material of choice for products that need to be strong and lightweight – and as such is a material Horizon Yachts has long been researching to implement into its yacht projects, with the goal of enhancing yacht performance.

Producing such strong and lightweight products is not as simple as replacing fiberglass with carbon fiber, but rather requires a specific process and technology that is not only costly but difficult to achieve, so much so that many shipyards choose to not take on the risk. Years of experience designing and fabricating carbon fiber components for unmanned aircraft for the government has allowed Atech Composites – Horizon’s own composites manufacturer – to implement aerospace industry technology into its yacht manufacturing processes and thus accurately control all parameters during the construction process.

Atech Composites began applying carbon fiber to its custom yacht components several years ago and has increased this production year upon year. Atech has not only applied carbon fiber to structural areas to reduce a yacht’s overall weight, but also custom designed user-friendly lightweight carbon fiber parts that bring added convenience for owners in daily use.

Stay tuned in for part two of our Carbon Fiber Option web news, coming soon! For more information or questions, please email us at or contact your local Horizon representative.

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