Horizon Group Utilizes Yacht Composites Technology in Aerospace and Wind Blade Industries


Atech Composites, a division of Horizon Group, specializes in developing various composite materials, which play a very important role in manufacturing strong, lightweight FRP hulls and superstructures for our yachts.  Recently, Atech has dedicated their efforts to further developing Horizon’s composite technology and applying it in two progressive fields: the aerospace and wind blade industries. 

Using advanced technology, Atech Composites has begun producing various wind blades up to 40 meters in length and with differing composite materials.  In addition, Atech collaborated this year with the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST) on a project to design and manufacture aviation parts, officially expanding Horizon’s yacht building expertise to the aviation industry. 

Horizon Group continues to develop new products and innovative technologies that can be applied in a variety of advanced industries, creating a bigger and brighter future for Horizon.   

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