Lighting Design and Application Onboard Horizon Yachts – Part Two


Following Part One of the article, “Light as Art - Lighting Design and Application Onboard Horizon Yachts,” we introduce Part Two, noting several main lighting applications that highlight the artistry and soul of lighting design.

Chandeliers, sconces, and lamps not only serve as visual focal points but also as artistic elements that complement the overall interior design. In the past, these pieces served as purely functional elements, limited by the light source that projected as a spotlight. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have now allowed designers to implement their creativity into the furnishings, incorporating fabric, acrylic, white glass, and exotic materials into lighting pieces to create stunning visual effects and cast even lighting for a warm and bright atmosphere. Currently malleable metals, geometric shapes, and nature-inspired lighting are among the trends in light design.

The lighting effect created by the different spectrums of colors is one technique to set an ambient mood; it is particularly suited for external spaces and the design of underwater lights, which greatly enhance the feeling of the yacht at night.

The aforementioned lighting applications are but a few examples that illustrate how lighting design provides an important visual effect that enhances the quality, beauty, and design of a yacht’s interior and exterior. Lighting design has become a critical element in the overall yacht design process, serving to extend an owner’s design vision and lend emotion to each space. With Horizon’s expertise as your guide, you can let your lighting creativity shine.

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