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All Horizon Powercats now implement an efficient power management package as standard.

Shhhh, we’re enjoying the silence! We’ve embraced silent living and environmental considerations with a new power management package for our power catamaran builds. Now offered as a standard feature, each Horizon Powercat model will be equipped with an advanced lithium phosphate battery package paired with a Termodinamica variable speed air conditioning system for minimal generator usage and maximum efficiency.

This system works in tandem to minimize generator usage and maximize onboard comfort. Coupled with a lithium phosphate battery package from Victron, the Termodinamica variable speed, freon-cooled air conditioning system keeps the interior cool, dry, and quiet for nearly 20 hours on battery power alone. Previously offered as an upgrade, the Victron system has been so successful in PC models that it will now be a standard power package in the builder’s PC52, PC60, PC68, and larger custom power catamaran models.

For a brand that sees the majority of its products and owners enjoying the tranquil waters and protected anchorages of The Bahamas, embracing silent cruising and living is not only welcome, it is environmentally sensible.

“Offering an efficient and silent power package is the logical step for our next-generation power catamarans,” says The Powercat Company Founder and CEO Richard Ford. “With this lithium phosphate package you can run the entire boat, including air conditioning, refrigeration and freezers, for nearly 20 hours on batteries alone. This, coupled with other areas of energy savings, such as propane-fueled cooking, solar-powered systems and large alternators, goes a long way in mitigating energy consumption while making for an extremely comfortable and enjoyable cruising experience overall.”

The new battery system has been implemented into ten powercat builds over the last three years and has demonstrated an 84% improvement in energy efficiencies while offering many convenient “smart” features such as remote monitoring and auto generator start/stop. Richard Ford goes on to say that Horizon is now able to reduce generator size due to the efficient air-conditioning system coupled with the unique assist mode from the batteries. “Losing power at the dock and ruining food in the fridge or freezers is a thing of the past!” He says.

See Horizon Power Catamaran’s new power management package on the latest PC models during the Palm Beach International Boat Show, March 21st - 24th, 2024. For more information or to make a reservation, please call Jason Ford at 954-552-0868 or email jason@powercatco.com.

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